Dragon Ball Z Online is a game based on the vintage cartoon

Dragon Ball Z Online is a game based on the vintage cartoon Karenny

Dragon Ball Z Online is a game that definitely believes there is more than one way to skin a cat... Or, in this case, skin a bat.The downpours make it very difficult to climb rocks, the lightning can hurt the player if they have metal equipped, and the thunder can scare away your horse.The comparison to Dragon Ball Z Online's map isn't surprising, considering the Dragon Ball Z Online map has become a standard for many gamers when considering map size.The company took to its official Twitter account for the game to show off what some of the alternate character colors that will be available, with a new screenshot immediately demonstrating this with a pink rendition of the ninja-inspired (and appropriately named) character Goku. Speaking of which, one fan continues this particular tradition in Dragon Ball online game by having created a bizarre contraption that allows them to ride a Dragon Ball Z Online while flying through the air on a raft.Since the game launched, players have been continuously finding new and creative ways to solve puzzles, travel across the map, and defeat enemies. Needless to say, Anime game's post-launch support for Dragon Ball online has been nothing short of impressive and fans certainly have a lot to look forward to in the coming months, especially with a mysterious "major surprise" in the works for DBZ games online.After all, one player actually managed to leave the Dragon Ball Z online games early by using the Anime game ability to ride a giant iron door through the air and into a nearby lake, so there's surely still plenty of more odd methods for travel yet to be found out.Despite first releasing way back in 2011, Dragon Ball Z Online's map has been among the largest available for RPG worlds. For more information about Dragon Ball Z online,please visit its official site.