alex's picture
Ok lemme.try this once more :) Like the slim cut of the sleeves too.
LMonser's picture
Blue is definitely your color! I love the ivory/blue/black color combination.
brianna.dalessio's picture
You know my life revolves around leg warmers.
GraceElizabeth's picture
Love the way you paired the skirt & the top. Very cute!
jess's picture
Hahha I love this post :) You look gorgeous!
LMonser's picture
I love the deep green color of the dress. And that scarf is great too!
LMonser's picture
This is adorable! The sparkles bring some fabulous bling to a casual look.
LMonser's picture
Awesome deals! This sweater is a great basic for any wardrobe as well as the holidays.
LMonser's picture
I'm with you! Leopard print is totally a neutral. This sweater is so cute and extremely versati ...
curtis112's picture
Love it, and want it!!!!!