LizaK's picture
Love this!
LMonser's picture
Thanks! I did it free hand. Here's the tutorial if you want to check it out: ...
Anonymous's picture
I am so obsessed with this! Gorgeous.
tyeblakely's picture
Very cute! Festive with a hint of wild!
E.B.Leone's picture
Can't go wrong with the traditional OPI Red OR Chanel in Vamp.
GraceElizabeth's picture
I love silver accents too. You look festive! :)
alex's picture
And goes well with the frames I might add!
jess's picture
Um yeah same here - totally doing this. Thanks for the idea!
GraceElizabeth's picture
I need a jacket like this! I love it!
LizaK's picture
Love the lace.
blancroses's picture
Thank you very much! I have been feeling a little more willing to wear these clothes out in public, ...