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Coachella Style Anna Golka

With Coachella just around the corner, Southern Californians have but this one thing on their minds. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds are coming up all things Coachella. And although it is primarily a musical festival, it would be a lie to say that there is not large fashion scene surrounding the event. Crazy prints, crop tops, sheer everything, fringe, and boots; anything goes at Coachella (well, almost). So if you’re like me (secretly more excited to create outfits and do fashion research at the festival than you are for the music) then here are some great outfit options:
Nasty Gal Acid Romper, Topshop Floral Stripe Dress, Topshop Giraffe Print Shorts,  ASOS Midi Dress, Forever 21 Denim Vest, Diesel Sheet Top, Free People Crochet Sneaker 

My Favorite Winter Item: Socks


My favorite winter item: Socks
Picking out an outfit that can go from morning to night is a challenge during this cold season. And it is even difficult to be creative and stay warm at the same time. During the fall/winter, I like to show my fun sense of style through... a pair of socks! They are perfect for layering over your tights or leggings while staying warm and comfortable.
As seen at Mulberry Spring/Summer 2012 RTW, try channeling your socks with a pair of heels (you can take the socks off at night to dress up). You can also control how casual you want to look by the type of shoes and socks you wear. 
My favorite type of socks to layer over my tights are fun ankle socks and simple knee high socks. To channel your own fun socks for this cold season, check out Happy Socks, and if you are looking for something simple, American Apparel has lots of simple socks you can sport this fall/winter. 
Here are some "sock" inspiration:

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My Favorite Winter Item: SCARVES


As the seasons change, so do our closets….Out with the old and in with the new!
Favorite Winter Item? SCARVES
Why? Scarves have the ability to put a little sass into any outfit or play down for a casual night out. They can be your statement piece, a warm and comfy option for cold winter days, and can transition into all seasons.
Type? Infiniti Scarves like this Betsey Johnson ‘Bow Nanza’ Infinity Scarf
What’s your favorite winter item? Here are some of mine!

<3 JG



Fashion Design in Movies: Skyfall


There's more to James Bond than doing lots of difficult stunts and hanging out with beautiful women. As an iconic figure, Bond isn't Bond without the clothes.
Although Bond’s stylish wardrobe in “Skyfall” do not really reflect Daniel Craig’s personal style, the actor said. “Bond’s style is very important to me, and I’m a huge believer that the look and feel, a lot of that has to do with the clothes people wear”. “Skyfall” Costume designer Jany Temime collaborated with the designer Tom Ford to create suits that moved with Craig to give a new look. The suits are indestructible and exceptionally well made. Tom Ford’s impeccable suit gave Bond a successful image with a touch of 2012.
Just like “Skyfall” collaborated with Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani for “The Dark Knight” and Rodarte for “Black Swan”, you can spot many fashion designers in movies. Who are your favorite designers in your favorite movies?


Favorite Beauty & Fashion Bloggers


Fashion and beauty bloggers are literally EVERYWHERE. So-long searching through store catalogs to see what the latest trends and styles are. I find these two blogs a necessity for my upkeep in style & beauty.
Lara from The Glossarie and Christina from Oh So Glam are two fabulous bloggers out there in the blogosphere that I check daily. What I love about both of these girls is how they keep me coming back for more! They both update frequently and feature a wide range of products, outfit posts, sale alerts, and who doesn’t love an occasional giveaway?
For me, I have champagne taste with a beer budget so I love that both blogs feature a wide variety of items that don’t always break the budget I try and have!
Featured post: Oh So Glam

Featured post: The Glossarie

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Maison Martin Margiela for H&M


After the Marni collection, H&M is bringing us another designer collaboration for the fans, MMM. Maison Martin Margiela’s collection for H&M has been slowly leaking to the customers since August to prepare for November 15th, the official release date. As some people might be overwhelmed by the price of Margiela’s original pieces, this collaboration with H&M will be around $13-$399.
With over 100 pieces to offer, the lookbook consists of season-appropriate pieces such as oversized silhouettes, candy wrapper clutches, invisible pumps, painted jeans, deconstructed styling, disco-ball leggings and more! Whether it is for women or men, clothing to accessories or casual to avant-garde, this MMM collection is for everyone. Christmas might here a month earlier for most Fashionistas/os this year.
They say it’s calm before the storm, so study the collection here and prepare to grab your favorite MMM pieces in stores or online on November 15.

Atlantic-Pacific for BaubleBar


Fashion collaborations to me is more exciting than most news-worthy stories that circle the twitter-world. One of my favorite recent collaborations is BaubleBar & fashionista, Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific. 
Atlantic-Pacific's exclusive Bauble Bar Collection features chevron stripes, bold bright colors, and gorgeous statement pieces to make any outfit stand out. Her collection features the perfect blend of edgy pieces mixed with classy feminine options. Her prices will range from $20-$70 for reasonably-chic jewelry. Below are some of my must-have statement necklaces from the collection. Thanks Blair, for helping my statement jewelry obsession grow stronger.
Blair's exclusive collection can be found here. So what are you waiting for? Don't worry, you can think me later for your fabulous finds!








Celebrity Style: Alexa Chung


Alexa Chung is a well known British trendsetter who frequently appears on the “best-dressed” list in the fashion world. Her effortlessly chic and modern street style has become a muse for many fashionistas from all over the world. Her signature collared top with a girly skirt paired with a preppy coat/jacket screams Alexa Chung! Alexa, the fresh “face” of Madewell shows many of us how to mix a preppy style with a bit of a tomboy spirit.
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Celebrity Style: Lauren Conrad


When it comes to celebrity fashion, it’s everywhere. You can’t go to the store without some magazine showing the fashion “do’s and don’ts” or “which celebrity looked better” polls. Celebrities are under the spotlight always and for some it’s a good thing.
Lauren Conrad has the perfect fun, girly, chic style of a California girl who loves top-knots and beautiful floral mini-dresses. Her style is classy, but she never forgets to add a statement piece to her look. Her fun personality shows through her style always. 
Lauren Conrad was the first celebrity I saw work the popular braided bang, fishtail braid, and the topknot perfectly. Lauren is making herself and her style known to the fashion obsessed through many social media outlets where she often shares her beauty and fashion secrets.

-xo- JG

Online shopping: The Good and the Bad


I don’t know about you guys, but going shopping is becoming more and more a chore rather than a recreation. The long lines, the lack of selections, and digging through the messy, unorganized clothing racks has drawn many to the World Wide Web to shop.
There are great benefits to shopping online such as:
• More sizes • Variety in styles and/or selections
• Discount codes, coupons and offers
• Customer reviews/comments on products There are also, however, some downsides to shopping online such as:
• Not being able to try-on items
• “The wait” for merchandise to arrive
• Not being able to “last minute shop” (unless you want to bear paying those dreadful over-night fees)
• Shipping back wrong sizes/fits
Here are (3) of my favorite places to shop virtually:
1. - I chose this site simply because they have THE cutest variety of apparel, accessories, shoes and even things for your apartment or office! They are also very social media friendly and interact daily on all of their handles, which is very cool and important.
2. - I know many of you may be either thinking; A, why did she choose Forever 21 as one of her favorite places to shop online there is a Forever 21 EVERYWHERE; or B, I’m so over Forever 21 (because, I feel that way 87% of the time too). BUT, I chose this site simply because of checkmarks 1 – 6! No shade to F21, but the lines can be ridiculous…along with the racks and fitting rooms, and it seems like every time I go in to find something to wear, I leave mad, frustrated and confused. Their online shopping though, the complete opposite! Way more variety and selections to choose from (a lot of things I’ve never seen in the store). And even if something doesn’t quite fit or work out you can simply take it up to an F21 store near you, since, you know, they’re EVERYWHERE ;).
3. - This is short and sweet, good clothing, GREAT shoes, OMG prices! Affordable cute shoes = winner. Fin.
That’s my top three places to shop online, hope you give them a try (if you haven’t already) and let me know what you think!
Keep it Haute, Amberly “Haute Lady” Moore

Wahoo The E Commerce Shopping Never Ends Check


Wahoo! The e-commerce shopping never ends! Check out these three great options below.



eBay has got to be one of the most widely used websites ever. Right? It has everything from electronics to books. But what a lot of people don’t know is that it’s a great place to look for fashion as well. Love vintage? Then eBay is the way to go! Shocked? eBay is filled with incredible, and budget-friendly, vintage finds. Just type in specifically what you’re looking for, from vintage pants to vintage skirts, and explore your possibilities. Looking for your favorite pair of Steve Madden or Dolce Vita Boots for a lesser cost? Just type in the brand and style and see if you can find what your looking for.  eBay has it all! If you’re not looking for anything specific and just feel like shopping then just click the “fashion” tab and shop away.



ASOS is an ecommerce website running out of the United Kingdom. This website provides amazing fashion to countries around the globe. Filled with a line of their own and containing other brands, ASOS has everything and anything that’s on trend. ASOS is a great way to shop for Free People, River Island, and American Apparel. The best part: FREE SHIPPING. It doesn’t get much better than ASOS.

Nasty Gal


Looking for trendy, edgy glamour’s fashion? Then Nasty Gal is for you. Filled with unique pieces, Nasty Gal is great for women looking to stand out and make a statement with their clothing. This website inspires w to look cool and be cool. On Nasty Gal you can find a line of their own, a mix of up-and-coming designers, and incredible vintage finds that will have your jaw dropping. And even check out their blog for incredible fashion and even life advice. Who couldn’t use a little inspiration?