My Christmas List


Honestly, I love the Christmas Season. Everything in the world seems happy and bright. And people adopt a kinder spirit. The music is cheerful and uplifting. The decorations fill not only out houses but the streets as well. It’s my favorite time of year. I get to shop for my friends and family and spend large sums of money without any buyer’s remorse. And with giving comes receiving; who doesn’t like a gift every now and then? My wish list this year is pretty much centered on fashion with a few beauty products thrown in.

Christmas Wish List


Holidays are all about giving and receiving. 
This year, I'm craving quality vs. quantity.
Currently coveted:

Favorite Winter Item: Faux Fur


Dressing for winter can sometimes be difficult especially here in places like California. Sometimes, the winter weather is crazy. It's 48 degrees and the morning and then in the afternoon it gets to be a scorching 95 degrees. That being said, getting dressed in the morning can be very difficult. You may want to bundle up with layers upon layers to stay warm only to realize that in a few short hours you'll be a sweaty mess. Some great options for such bipolar weather are fur coats and vests. These pieces are great at keeping in the warmth.

Labor Day Weekend Essentials


There isn’t a real dress code for labor day,even though they say you should not wear white or seersucker after the holiday.But it’s about the celebration of workers and spending time with you family and friends and at the time symbolizes the end of summer. If you plan on going to a cookout, picnic or even the beach here are a few items that you should considering getting  for the holiday weekend.After the festivities,visit GetStylin and show us what you wore doing the labor day weekend. Have fun,stay stylish and be safe -IJ

Fall/Winter 2012 Inspiration:Calvin Klein


Calvin Klein has been a staple in the Fashion World since his first line in 1968. Which consisted of men’s and women’s coats. Now fast forward to 2012 and he is still producing top of the line clothing. His fall/winter 2012 line pushes boundaries by mixing two elements, Sports and Fashion, but with a very futuristic touch. Seeing his line may make you think of the movie Blade Runner.


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